Surf trip in Australia

Surf trip in Australia

If summer is coming to an end in the southern hemisphere, Willie Kessel was able to take advantage of the mild climate that reigns on the Australian east coast to share with us this new Vuarnet Day.

Originally from California, this photographer who loves waves and the ocean, recently packed his bags to explore Australia. This country offers an almost limitless playground for anyone who loves the sea, the sun and the surf. If usually, most travelers turn to Sydney or Melbourne as the starting point for their adventure, Willie Kessel decided to go to Perth, the capital of Western Australia and the main city on the Australian east coast.

Photo credit: Willie Kessel

Nicknamed “The city of Light”, this city founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling is known and recognized for its exceptional climate. Bordering the Indian Ocean, its coastline offers an environment of incredible richness. And that’s precisely what Willie Kessel came for.

On the program surf, beach and exploration of this new territory. For this, there is no question of staying in the city, he quickly embarks on the roads which run along the ocean towards the South. If Australia is a popular destination, it is not uncommon to find yourself alone in the middle of still raw nature. Whether on the coasts, in the bush or in the warmer central regions, these moments allow you to truly appreciate the richness of this continent far from the tumult of the city. This was particularly the case for this Vuarnet Day, on one of the beaches of Wyadup Bay at the south-eastern end of the country.