Julia Kern

Julia Kern is a 2022 Olympic cross country skier, member of the U.S. Ski Team, and an outdoor enthusiast at heart. She enjoys just about any activity outside, especially with friends and family. When Julia is not cross-country skiing, you can find her climbing mountains, on the beach surfing and playing beach volleyball, exploring the world with her camera, or working on graphic design projects. Julia loves inspiring people to get outside and experience the beauty of the world while protecting those places. Family, community and adventure are at the foundation of who Julia is.

Favorite products


Black - Orange / NXT HD Photochromic Brown



Red - Pure Grey



What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Earning the first ever USA medal at World Juniors in the relay on home soil in Utah with Katharine, Hailey, and Hannah. We dreamed of earning a medal together in this event, worked hard, pushed each other and supported one another, and were able to make it happen despite it not being the perfect day. It was a true team effort that led to years of World Junior Relay medals to follow by the next generation. 

What does Vuarnet represent to you?

Vuarnet represents quality, authenticity and creativity. It enables the community to have the clear vision and courage to dream big and take on life’s adventures, no matter the weather or obstacles. 

What is your motto?

Life is an adventure, embrace the journey!