The modernity of its refined lines would suggest that the 006 model is a new creation. Yet, it was in 1969 that this sixth opus in the Vuarnet's history became legendary, protecting Alain Delon's beautiful eyes in the cult film : La Piscine.

50 years later, it was Daniel Craig, Agent 007, who would choose the 006 model for the next James Bond movie: No time to die.

Its elegant and racy style is eye-catching. Molded in nylon as light as it is supple, it keeps the chic of its original brown-cognac color with a gradient effect. No doubt, it has become a classic.
Equipped with the Vuarnet's natural mineral lens, the 006 model offers exceptional optical quality combining precision, visual comfort, and protection. Same as all our lenses, it is manufactured in our own factory in France.