Watch "A Fellow's Tale: Ludovic Philippy's Mountain Story"

« A Fellow's Tale: Ludovic Philippy's Mountain Story »

Dive deep into the world of Vuarnet’s Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program through A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories, a collection of alpine vignettes.

« When you climb that mountain, something mystical envelops you, you're climbing something alive, it's extraordinary. »

Ludovic Philippy likes to think he was born with handlebars in his hand. A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories continues with Volume 5. Ludovic is a sports educator and coach Aqua Fitness in Martinique, combining his passion for sport and the ability to share knowledge he’s gained over the course of his life. He specializes in a wide range of sports including moto biking, cross-country biking, VTT, jetskiing, cross-training, and hiking.
A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories is a collection of vignettes from the Vuarnet Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program. Vuarnet Fellows are relentless explorers and athletes, just as Vuarnet is relentless in our dedication to craftsmanship and quality protection. The Fellowship is an inclusive space that fosters an extraordinary sense of community in celebration of our inherent quest to commune with the mountains. A Fellow’s Tale explores the human side of experience, the desire to transcend ourselves and our Fellows’ essential need to pursue their particular paths in life.