Fred Degoulet

Fred Degoulet

I am Fred, a passionate mountaineer in all things vertical. I smile in all circumstances, and push myself when the pressure is at its maximum. I have always been passionate about climbing, and it was this virus that won me over to mountaineering because the cliffs were no longer high enough. I had to go further, higher, harder and harder.

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What is your profession?

My real job is mountain guide. I take my clients to the highest peaks of the Alps, on foot or by climbing. In the winter I take them to the most beautiful off-piste skiing. When I'm not working, I'm always in the mountains with friends to discover the most beautiful walls in the world. In short, I'm a bit of a monomaniac. 

What does Vuarnet represent for you?

For me, Vuarnet represents quality, comfort and safety for my eyes that suffer all year long from being outside. The lenses are extraordinarily sharp, nothing like any other brand in the outdoor market. The big plus is that it's French, which is really something that's important to me.

What is your best memory in the mountains?

One of the best memories for me was an expedition in Peru in 2014 on the west face of Siula Chicco, where our objective was clearly hallucinating. The coveted face was extreme in every sense of the word. A 900m vertical rock and ice face that had repelled all attempts for decades. An atypical face with original formations that made the route very exposed, and where we had to reinvent our way of climbing. And above all, a rope party formed between four gifted climbers who sealed an indestructible friendship. We opened the face with an almost arrogant audacity. We were incredibly lucky to be able to put our crampons on the summit of what remains for me the hardest technical and mentally challenging route of my career.

What words do you live by?

Life is beautiful so enjoy every moment