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How do you choose the perfect glasses for your face shape?

This guide will help you select the perfect frame to suit the shape of your face and highlight your unique features.


Triangular shaped faces are generally characterized by a narrower forehead and a wider chin, creating a contrast between the upper and lower parts of the face. To harmonize these features and enhance the natural beauty of the face, we recommend choosing square or round oversize frames

Square frames add structure and dimension to the upper part of the face, creating a visual balance with the wider chin. Round frames, on the other hand, soften the angles of the face and create a pleasing contrast with the angular features, highlighting the eye area.

Choosing eyewear frames that follow these recommendations will achieve an elegant, balanced look that highlights your natural assets.

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Square faces are characterized by relatively wide proportions of the jaw and forehead, creating sharp angles. To enhance the natural beauty of this this shape, it's essential to choose eyewear frames that soften these angles and balance the proportions. Here are a few suggestions for choosing the right frames:

1) Round or oval frames: Round or oval frames are ideal for square faces. They often pronounced angles by creating a gentle curve that balances the straight line of the jaw and forehead.

2) Larger, slimmer frames: Larger, slimmer frames visually stretch the face up and down, creating a balance with the width of the forehead and jaw.

3) Avoid angular styles: These frames may not be flattering for this face shape.

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Round faces have a gentle appearance. They are distinguished by a relatively uniform width from jaw to eyebrow. To create visual balance and add angles to a round face, choosing the right frames is essential:

1) Angular frames: Opt for frames with square or rectangular shapes. These styles are ideal for adding angles to your face to contrast your natural curves.

2) Lengthen your face: To give the illusion of a longer face, choose frames that reach the top of your cheekbones. This creates a visual vertical line and helps to stretch the face.

3) Avoid round frames: Round frames tend may not be flattering for this  face shape.

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Oval faces are are a naturally balanced and harmonious silhouette. Most frame styles highlight this shape. It's an ideal backdrop for experimenting with different styles of eyewear. Here are a few tips for enhancing an oval face:

1) Wide or oversized frames: These frames can add character and style to your look while enhancing the natural symmetry of your face.

2) Varied colors, textures and shapes: Experiment with a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes. Square frames, round frames, rectangular frames, even cat eye frames - anything goes.

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