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« A Fellow's Tale: Mathis Decroux's Mountain Story »

Dive deep into the world of Vuarnet’s Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program through A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories, a collection of alpine vignettes.

« It's my way of getting away from it all, of being up there in the mountains and seeing beautiful landscapes, experiencing beautiful moments »

Vuarnet Fellow Mathis Decroux studied engineering in school but turned to the creative field after a transformative school exchange in Sweden. He spent his free time there going to the gym, watching photo tutorials, and going out to shoot. This was a tipping point in his photography career. Growing up as a freestyle skier, Mathis has always been drawn to the mountains. His favorite playground remains within them, and whether it be on a calm trail or steep lines, he adapts to his conditions to capture outdoor stories in a creative.
A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories is a collection of vignettes from the Vuarnet Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program. Vuarnet Fellows are relentless explorers and athletes, just as Vuarnet is relentless in our dedication to craftsmanship and quality protection. The Fellowship is an inclusive space that fosters an extraordinary sense of community in celebration of our inherent quest to commune with the mountains. A Fellow’s Tale explores the human side of experience, the desire to transcend ourselves and our Fellows’ essential need to pursue their particular paths in life.