Shams Eybert-Berard

Shams Eybert-Berard

My name is Shams, it’s a unique name, which comes from Persia. I was born and live in the Grenoble area. I travel a lot, mainly in Central Asia. I fell in love with this region when I was young, during a bicycle trip. Now I discover and explore these little-known regions on skis, with friends or with clients. I love to spend time in the mountains, not necessarily doing time trials or exploits, but rather for contemplation and the time spent up there. I also just published a book about the unguarded huts in the Alps, small refuges where you can spend the night when you are ski touring.

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What is your profession?

I am an osteopath and a mountain guide. I have been working exclusively as a guide for several years, especially on ski touring discovery trips, mainly in Central Asia. 

 What does Vuarnet represent for you?

Vuarnet represents for me many memories. It's a brand that has lasted through time. I still remember my first glacier hikes with my parents in the 1990s. My only goal was to wear my father's Vuarnets. He still has them, and I am proud to be able to wear and represent the current models. They are reinvented, but still with the soul that characterizes Vuarnet, the work done well, a beautiful product. 

What is your best memory in the mountains?

I think it's my first expedition, going skiing in Mongolia. We planned to go there from Siberia, and by bike. Basically, we did 1000km of chaotic tracks, before arriving at the foot of a huge glacier. We made two camps, one in the middle of the glacier, and finally we reached the summit, at more than 4000m. We were 4 friends, with little experience in the mountains. It was a very strong moment. There were also trips with my wife in Tajikistan, then in Uzbekistan, to clear regions where people had never seen skiing... those were some really incredible moments. 

What words do you live by?

For many years I have had a classic phrase on a small map next to my computer: "a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step.” It has always encouraged me to take lots of first steps, to stay active, motivated, and to make proposals. When you think about 1000 projects, there are always a few that go all the way.