Matis Plaisance

Matis Plaisance

My name is Matis Plaisance, I'm 23 years old, you can say that I'm a mountain kid. I got on skis at the age of two and have never gotten off. I grew up in the small village of Pralognan La Vanoise. I started skiing at the ski club and I got a taste for competition. Gradually, and over the years, I climbed the ladder to become a high level alpine skier, which allowed me to participate in many international races around Europe. In 2019 I decided to change my skiing discipline for one that is more like me: Freeride.

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What is your profession?

I am a coach at the Courchevel ski club. I develop children's skiing so that they can progress and one day reach the top level. I also work  for the organization of the Ski World Cup and the World Alpine Skiing Championships, which will take place in Courchevel in 2023.

What does Vuarnet represent for you?

In the mountains our eyes are subjected to strong light with the reverberation of the sun on the snow, it is essential to protect them correctly. Vuarnet fits this need perfectly with stylish, eco-responsible glasses and incomparable quality of lenses. 

What is your best memory in the mountains?

It was in January 2020, it had snowed a few days before in Courchevel and all the lanes accessible by the ski lifts were already skied. I decided to take the last lift of the day with a friend and go to an untouched couloir. To get there, we had to put our skis on our bags and use our harnesses to do 200m of via ferrata in the cliff. At the top, the sunset was splendid! We enjoyed it with a few slices of sausage until the sun went down. Once the sun was down, we prepared the 40m of rappel to access the couloir. The rappel went well, and it was time to enjoy the descent. It was a magnificent corridor between the rocks, only lit by the glow of our headlamps! It was a real privileged moment, a real moment of life

What words do you live by?

With determination, everything is possible!