Charles Dubouloz

Charles Dubouloz

My name is Charles Dubouloz and I am a mountaineer and mountain guide. I live in Haute Savoie near Annecy. I grew up at the foot of the mountains which inspired me to want to reach their summits. At first I was interested in speed, but then I turned to technical climbs. What I appreciate more than anything is being outside, and I love all elements: rock, ice, snow etc.

Favorite products


Amber - Blue Polarlynx
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What is your profession?

I am a high-altitude mountain guide. I like to share my passion for the mountains. Strong relationships can be created in the mountains, they have a great value and a particular feel when you come back down to the valley. Besides my job, I am a committed and passionate mountaineer!

What does Vuarnet represent for you?

I am from a generation that grew up with Vuarnet. The first thing that comes to my mind when talking about the brand is quality and know-how. I am delighted and proud to be working with Vuarnet. Adding style to protection allows climbers to look (almost) good!

What is your best memory in the mountains?

Probably my arrival at the summit of the Grandes Jorasses after 6 days alone on the north face. I found the sun for the first time in a week and the hospitality of a "flat" surface. Things that may seem trivial, but at this particular moment they had great value.

What words do you live by?

To push the machine to the maximum.