Vadim Druelle

Vadim Druelle

I am a stonecutter and a cross-country ski instructor in winter at the ESF in Avoriaz. But also a semi-professional mountaineer. I practice ski mountaineering at a high level.

Favorite products


Blue green - Polar Blue Flash
CHF 295.00


What does Vuarnet represent for you ?

Living in Morzine and working at the ESF in Avoriaz, I am in the birthplace of Jean Vuarnet, the creator of the brand. He created the resort of Avoriaz, and everyone in our area knows him. For me, there is no better brand. They are resistant, protective and 100% French. When I'm in the mountains, I don't worry about my eyes, I know they are protected.

What is your best memory in the mountains?

Surely my arrival at the summit of Manaslu 8163m:

- without oxygen

- without sherpa

- in alpine style

- at 19 years old (alone)


- in 12H45

In my eyes, this is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. In my ethics, that means, the cleanest possible. You feel small and vulnerable in front of the immensity of the mountain.

In one sentence, what is the mantra (philosophy) that drives you?

I want to live and explore today, to tell and share tomorrow.

Non nobis, Non nobis domine, Sed nomini tuo da gloriam (this Templar motto means a lot to me).