Liv Sansoz

Liv Sansoz

My name is Liv Sansoz, I’m originally from Savoie but have been living in Chamonix for 12 years. I have been attracted to the mountains since my childhood and I am passionate about all of the pursuits I can do there: skiing, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, etc.. I am a two-time Climbing World Champion and three-time Climbing World Cup winner. In 2017 I embarked on a project to climb all the peaks over 4000m in the Alps, there are 82 in total. Currently, I am finishing my training to become a mountain guide.

Favorite products


Black matte - Pure Grey Green
CHF 220.00


What is your profession? 

Athlete, mountain guide, technical advisor.

What does Vuarnet represent for you?

The most beautiful brand of glasses. I have known the brand since I was young and I am a big fan. The Skilynx lens is really one of the best lenses on the market, if not the best. I'm on the glacier more than 200 days a year, so it's very important to have a high quality and high protection lenses. 


What is your best memory in the mountains?

There are many, but without a doubt the integral of Peuterey with the take off from the summit of Mont Blanc because that was the finale of my project of climbing the 82 summits of more than 4000m in the Alps. It was a great moment and the end of a wonderful adventure  

What words do you live by?

Live life to the fullest