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« A Fellow's Tale: Liv Sansoz's Mountain Story »

Dive deep into the world of Vuarnet’s Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program through A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories, a collection of alpine vignettes.

« I was born in the mountains, and I was put on skis at the age of two. As I grew older, I started climbing. . And then I wanted to climb a second mountain, a bit higher, a bit tougher, and so on… »

Liv’s first mountain love was skiing, but after getting a taste for the alpine experience, took to climbing. She was an innovator in her sport as one of the first prominent French female climbers and achieved major success, including becoming a two-time World Champion.Liv learned to ski, climb and paraglide in the Vanoise massif. Constantly in pursuit of new summits today, she skis, flies and climbs all over the world.
A Fellow’s Tale: Mountain Stories is a collection of vignettes from the Vuarnet Fellowship Alpine Emissary Program. Vuarnet Fellows are relentless explorers and athletes, just as Vuarnet is relentless in our dedication to craftsmanship and quality protection. The Fellowship is an inclusive space that fosters an extraordinary sense of community in celebration of our inherent quest to commune with the mountains. A Fellow’s Tale explores the human side of experience, the desire to transcend ourselves and our Fellows’ essential need to pursue their particular paths in life.