Is there a specific product for cleaning my glasses?

To clean your glasses at home, use a mild liquid soap. To rinse them, pass under cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water at all costs. Dirty or abrasive cloths should also be avoided as they may modify the lens characteristics.

You may also choose a glass cleaning spray, which you can easily find at your local optician. In this case, wipe them with the chamois cloth usually supplied with the original case. If you have lost it, use a very fine, soft fabric to wipe them.

In some cases where you do not manage to clean your glasses properly as indicated above, you may wish to see your optician. Most opticians possess ultrasound equipment for cleaning glasses. It is suggested to let them soak in an ultrasound water bath: this will remove any impurities stuck to the frames. Most of the time, this service is provided free of charge by your optician.

This may be done every 2 months for complete cleaning.