Meet Marie and Nil, adventurers on a never-ending quest to create and share new stories. Further Stories.

Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Nil - I was born in Paris and am 35 years old. My studies led me towards the graphic arts. When I was just 20, I was spotted on the street and began a modeling career which, for 6 years, led me to travel extensively and live abroad. It was in Hong Kong that I really discovered hiking, which over the years became an increasingly important part of my life.

From there, I gradually turned to photography in the fashion and portrait sectors. I have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned magazines such as L'Officiel, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and many others. In 2016, during a shoot in Morocco, an assault almost cost me my life. It opened my eyes to the importance of seizing my destiny and the time given to me. This episode forced me to ask myself some real ethical questions about my life, our future and living together. It was the starting point for many adventures, the Deux Pas Vers L'Autre project and Further Stories.

Marie - I was born in Paris and am 33 years old. An avid traveler since I was a teenager, I first discovered Europe, then Africa and Latin America. Gradually, longer and longer treks became part of my travels.

I've always been sensitive to others and to relationships between people. After hesitating to become a psychologist, I ended up studying Sociology and then Human Resources. For 7 years, I held various international positions in Human Resources in a major industrial group.

In January 2017, I decided to start a life that was more like me, to devote my time and energy to something that really mattered to me. With Nil, we quickly came up with the Deux Pas Vers l'Autre adventure, which we see as the start of a new chapter, more than just a parenthesis.

What do you do for a living?

Nil - Passionate about outdoor sports, people and photography, I found our adventures a great way of combining my passions and aspirations.

Having just returned from a trip that changed our perception of the world, I'm now pursuing my activity in the field of outdoor sports and fashion that is both more ethical and sustainable, combining my know-how and my passion.

Marie - After several years in human resources, I now work on my own in digital and audiovisual communications. I work in community management and photo and video production.

What does Vuarnet mean to you?

Nil - Vuarnet is a daring, committed brand. Proud of its origins and history, it embraces change and looks to the future. It's a brand that likes to bring fashion and outdoor together, without compromising on functionality. In a way, it's a brand I really identify with.

Marie - Vuarnet represents French excellence and class. A legendary brand that has been able to maintain its reputation for quality while taking the eco-responsible turn expected these days.

What's your best mountain memory?

Nil - My best memory is the moment I saw the valley open up as I reached the top of that last pass after crossing the entire Alpine arc on foot. I'll always remember the end, in extremis, in the snow, in November, when we had a few good scares on the steep slopes, the fresh snow hiding the crevasses in this limestone rock. For almost 4 months, we marvelled at these grandiose landscapes. We even had the good fortune and audacity to climb some 4000m along the way. A childhood dream.

Marie - The Aletsch glacier. Discovering the largest glacier in the Alps left a lasting impression on me. I'd never seen anything like it. Up there, time and space have no hold, you're on another planet, torn between a feeling of immensity and smallness.