Amber - Blue Polarlynx
  • GLACIER ROUNDAmber / Blue Polarlynx
  • GLACIER ROUNDGrey / Grey Polar
  • GLACIER ROUNDBlue / Skilynx
  • GLACIER ROUNDBlack / Green / Pure Grey Silver Flash
  • GLACIER ROUNDWhite / Pure Grey Silver Flash
  • GLACIER ROUNDBlack / Flag / Greylynx
  • GLACIER ROUNDTortoise / Grey Polar
  • GLACIER ROUNDBlack / Skilynx
  • Glacier Round

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    Vuarnet Glacier is a mountain icon. Featuring a round lens shape, removable s...

    Vuarnet Glacier is a mountain icon. Featuring a round lens shape, removable side shields and nose bridge, the Glacier Round protects your eyes from intense sunlight conditions even on the highest peaks. The frame is made of titanium, beta-titanium and bio-acetate, and the accessories are crafted from leather. Mineral glass lenses provide the ultimate protection against intense alpine lighting conditions.

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    Blue Polarlynx

    Ideal for the sea

    Verres Bleus
    Noah Howell

    Noah Howell

    Born and inbred in SLC beneath the mighty Wasatch Mountains, somewhere along the way Noah fell off track and discovered an obsession for ascending to high places and skiing back down them. He's been traveling the snowy regions of the world practicing mountain ski craft for the past 17+ years.


    White - Pure Grey Silver Flash
    CHF 590.00
    CHF 413.00


    Amber - Tortoise / Pure Brown
    CHF 240.00
    CHF 120.00


    Cristal - Grey Polar Blue Flash
    CHF 375.00
    CHF 263.00

    Amber - Blue Polarlynx


    • High-end mixed-material frames featuring bio acetate & beta titanium
    • 8 mm acetate lateral visors
    • Removable side shields and nose (leather)
    • Adjustable temple tips with removable leather strap
    • PVC nose pads with “V Sur Ski” signature
    • Weight: 52 grams with lenses, removable side shields, nose and strap
    • Medium size
    • Made in France
    Verres Bleus

    Blue Polarlynx

    Ideal for the sea


    • Mineral glass offering the clearest vision
    • NPE filter : improvement in color perception
    • Maximum protection against blinding glares
    • Better visual comfort.
    • Anti-Reflective Backside
    • Silver bi-shaded mirror
    • Oleophobic
    • Hydrophobic


    • Category 3
    • UV Protection: 100%
    • Infra-red: 90%
    • Visible Light absorption: 89%
    • Harmful Blue Light: 89%


    • Unisex model • Great for medium sized faces with round, square or oval shapes • Height (A): 1.8 in - Bridge (B): 0.9 in - Eye (C): 2 in - Temple (D): 5.7 in - Frame Width: 5.6 inches • Hauteur (A) : 47 mm - Nez (B) : 23 mm - Largeur (C) : 52 mm - Branche (D) : 145 mm - Largeur monture : 143.2 mm




    Amber / Blue Polarlynx

    CHF 650.00 CHF 455.00

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